Educational and Qualification Welding Center (MMEC)

A contemporary educational and examination basis, which complies with requirements of environmental safety, with modern technique and technologies  is developed in the Educational and Examination Welding Center. Professional qualification exams in welding are orginized on this basis for students of state vocational educational establishments (350-400 students a year).

The center, being the contemporary methodical educational  basis for welders, has obtained recognition not only among vocational educational establishments, but also among businessmen, employers, producers of welding technologies and other interested persons in Latvia and abroad.

* The center is established for realization of unified studies and examination for welders in Latvia.

* Educational programs of the center are developed by taking into account requirements of European Welding Federation.

* The center is accredited by German Welding Association (DVS)…

* The center is equiped with contemporary welding and ventilation equipment, which has been produced by leading European Companies (such as Kemppi, Orlikon, MIGATRONIC, AGA, PLYMO VENT, etc).

* Each student is provided with an individual working place.

* Having completed studies and having passed qualification exam, student gets a document, developed upon the sample, determined by the state, (qualification attesstation, certificate), which verifies the qualification in welding, awarded to the student.

In 12 of December 1998 Educational and Examination Welding Center of Riga Vocational School Nr. 3 was accredited by German Welding Association (DVS) as an abroad branch of Rostock Welding and Research Institute (SLV). Educational and Examination Welding Center has the right to realize studies for welders in accordance with requirements of European Standard ISO 9606-1 and award the qualification of welder.

After the successful recurrent DVS-PersZert accreditation Riga Vocational School Nr.3  got a procurency from   TGA ( German Association for Accreditation GmbH- Vācijas Akreditācijas Apvienība) in accordance with   DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17024 (General requirements, which are put forward for personnel’s sertification), which allows to carry out examination of personnel and sertification of materials. Accreditation is valid untill 2020.

In order to improve responsibility for qualitative preparation of specialists in welding, the center invites representatives of employers. Employers take part in qualification exams in order to find appropriate specialists for their field of work and production’s specificity.

Material and technical basis, qualification of staff and independent examining board of Educational and Examination Welding Center create conditions for developing of the system of unified educational standard and providing of unified qualification requirements for examination of welders.

Theretical and practical classes are led by:

Specialists in Welding and Qualified Professional Teachers, certified by Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian Educational and Research Establishment of Welding Techniques(SLV):

Genādijs Meteļskis (head of the center) – telephone  7286857,9712914 – Europen Welding Specialist (EWS) and  European Teacher in Hand Welding  (MMA);

Leonīds Lazdāns – European Welding Engineer (EWE) and
European Welding Inspector (EWI);

Valērijs Krūmiņš –  Europen Welding Specialist (EWS) and European Teacher in Welding with Mechanized Equipment in Active Gas Environment (MAG/MIG);

Aivars Lakstīgals – Europen Welding Specialist (EWS) and European Instructor in Welding of Plastic Materials.

Attestation and reattestation of welders take place once a month.
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