Welding (Welder)

Riga Vocational School Nr.3

Dzirnavu street 117, Riga, LV-1011

Professional Educational Program

METAL WORKING 32a 521 01 1

Awarded qualification:

– hand welder (MMA)

welder for welding with mechanized equipment in active gas environment(MAG)

The level of professional qualification –The second level of qualification

Required education – secondary or basic education

Additional requirements: the student should be at least 17 years old, when entering the program. Duration – 1 year.

During the process of studies students get theoretical knowledge and practical skills in MMA (hand welding)  and MAG (welding with mechanized equipment in active gas environment) in welding.

Practical classes in welding take place in Educational and Examination Welding  Center, which is equipped with advanced welding equipment from European companies. Classes are led by European specialists in welding, certified in Rostock (Germany), from Welding Research and Educational Institution (SLV). After passing qualification exams and graduating from school, students get the following qualifications:

–          Hand  Welding Qualification (MMA);

Qualification of Welder in Welding with Mechanized Equipment in Active Gas environment (MAG).


On the basis of the concluded agreement and arrangement between “Meklenburgas Priekšpomerānijas Metināšanas tehnikas mācību un pētniecības institūtu” Ltd (SLV) and Riga Vocational School Nr.3,  as an abroad branch of the institute, accredited by German Association of Welding (DVS), educational modules, which comply with requirements of ISO 9606-1(European Standard for Welder’s Attestation) have been  integrated into educational program Metal Working 32 521 01 1/ Manual Welder and Welder in Welding With Mechanized Equipment in Active Gas Environment/, which has been realized in Riga Vocational School Nr. 3 beginning from 2004/2005. Such an innovation gives the rights to carry out examination of students in accordance with requirements / ISO 9606-1 / of European  Welding Federation (EWF) and issue the diploma and the certificate of an European Welder

for certain types of welding.

Expenses regarding organization of the exams and issue and drawing up of the document, which confirms the qualification, are covered by the student from his/her personal financial resources or from the resources of the employer or any natural or legal person.