Office Work (Secretary)

Accredited Professional Educational Program

Secretariat And Office Work  35a 346 01

Awarded qualification – Office Clerk
Required education – secondary
Duration of studies – 1 year
The language of studies – Latvian

The aim of the program:

– To prepare a qualified specialist during the process of studies, who is able to carry out office work in state governmental institutions and in self-governmental  institutions of the Repulic of Latvia, as well as in companies, enterprises and associations of enterprises, public and religios organizations, where documentation, record-keeping, registration, admission, dispatch, circulation, control of execution and documents’ custody take place.

During the process of studies the following skills are aquired:

– developing and drawing up of management documents in accordance with valid statutory acts;

– knowledge and implementation of special terms;

– preparation and verification of derivatives of original documents;

– use of the office equipment and electronic means of communication;

– execution of documentation’s admission, sorting, registration, circulation, control of execution, revision, classification, dispatch, issue and record-keeping;

– usage of statutory acts, which determine the process of paper work;

– carrying out certification of documentation in appropriate institutions, appropriate allocation of documentation;

– usage of office and other necessary computer programs, swift writting;

– orientation of oneself in the work of the organization.

Future opportunities of education:

– continuation of education in higher level programs;

– enrichment of professional gualification in various courses and seminars , as well as in advansed training courses and by the method of self-education.

Did you know that:

the school’s management system is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000 „ Systems of qualitative management. Requirements”.

– the school is located in the center of Riga;
– all educational programs are accredited;
– students get scholarships;
– students get  additional scholarship in amount of 50-115Eur monthly, financed by European Project.
– the school has a minesterial hotel;
– there is no entrance examination;
– students do practical work at enterprises during 3 monthes;
– studies can be combined with work or university.

Subjects of studies: Office Work, Individual Paper Work,  Introduction to Acoounting, Computer Course, Technical Means for Office Work, The ABC of  the Office Clerk, Stylistics and Terminology of the Latvian Language, Stylistics and Terminology of the Russian  Language, Psychology of Business Relations, Business Etiquette, Swift Writting, Qualificational Practice.