Riga Vocational School Nr.3 got quality attestation from the German Welding Association

Riga Vocational School Nr.3 got DVS (German Association of Welding and Other Similar Processes) attestation. Riga Vocational School Nr.3  as DVS educational institution complies with all quality requirements regarding personnel, equipment and training premises in order to provide a high-quality training and examination.

After the successful recurrent DVS-PersZert accreditation Riga Vocational School Nr.3  got a procurency from   TGA ( German Association for Accreditation GmbH- Vācijas Akreditācijas Apvienība) in accordance with   DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17024 (General requirements, which are put forward for personnel’s sertification), which allows to carry out examination of personnel and sertification of materials. Accreditation is valid untill 18.12.2011.